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Rare Jewel Toned Blue bullies

Rare Jewel Toned Blue French Bulldogs

Frenchie Love..

      Frenchie Blue Bullies was established in July 2016 when two adorable French bulldogs, Ace and Murcie (pronounced like “Mercy”) were struck by cupid. Their love was symbolic of a connection that should be shared with the world. Breeding the love that these two amazing frenchies share is a gift to the community. Once you experience the captivating personality of one of these charming puppies you will feel compelled to take one in as a loving member of your family. Frenchie Blue Bullies offers only the top of the line, quality rare blue bully frenchies. 

    The puppies are bred in a home –based environment.  Our blue bullies are a rare jewel toned blue hue that cannot be mistaken. The parents have acquired top quality healthcare, as well as the love that they deserve. Our bullies are smart, affectionate and sociable. Our bullies our truly the best of both worlds whether you are looking for a petite companion or a muscle- bound buff. The most prized possession of blue bully frenchies is their winning personality. There is no dog on earth like the rare jewel toned blue french bulldog. 

     Both of our blue bully frenchies were acquired from a superb breeder in California, Xtreme Bully Frenchies. The bloodline that we have is one of the best. When you are looking to purchase a Blue bully frenchie you must look at the standards of quality in order to purchase the healthiest and most alert dog. 

  • Temperament

  • Stance

  • Shiny coat

  • Head size

  • Muscle tone

  • Strength

  • Agility

  • Mental Alertness